Calpak USA, Inc. comprehends the immense level of detail and scrutiny necessary for aerospace and aviation applications, and the overall magnitude of services required by our customers. Quality and reliability always remain our utmost priority from initial design conception all the way to manufacturing and deployment. We make it our duty and responsibility to always offer our customers an unparalleled sense of security and assurance with aerospace and aviation applications. We are honored and committed to designing, engineering, and building the electronics and precision mechanics technology that keeps millions safe around the world.

Design, Engineering, & Manufacturing Expertise:

Printed circuit boards and components used in aerospace and aviation applications are in a realm by themselves. Such circuits are required to operate at full functionality under the most extreme conditions, while still maintaining their intricacies. At Calpak USA, our engineers understand the vast and specific considerations of aerospace product design and function, and the absolute importance of reliability.

With our customers, we engineer, design, and manufacture products to withstand the extreme conditions of aerospace applications, because field failure at 30,000 feet is not an option.

Circuit and board design services take into account the innumerable considerations of field deployment elements such as heat coefficient(s) of PCB’s, components designated for use and their required tolerances, spatial and design layout restrictions, all the while incorporating ease of assembly.

Our documentation throughout design, computer aided modeling and simulation, and production provides our customers with a level of assurance that no one else can offer. Every step and action throughout a project are fully documented and recorded accordingly, in order to insure maximum traceability if need be.

For our customers who require testing and stress analysis, we can offer extreme temperature and or pressure cycling, as well as mechanical load testing to ensure ultra- reliable end-use performance. We also can perform functional, in-circuit (ATE), flying probe, and burn-in testing throughout production.

In addition, our technicians are trained and certified professionals in the careful handling of aerospace PCB’s during inspection to reduce or eliminate electrostatic discharge. Every assembly is looked at with the most meticulous eye throughout the various stages of production.

High Quality = High Performance

Our commitment to quality has never faltered, and our aerospace and aviation manufacturing are the ultimate proof of that commitment.

Our certifications include: