Test Fixtures

For over forty years, Calpak has been a consistent and a quality provider of custom engineered test solutions to the electronics industry. From a single piece electronics device to a system wide testing, we have seen the full gamut for testing electronics.

As our clients’ needs for customized test equipment and solutions grew more sophisticated, we evolved to meet those requirements with innovative new designs and processes to offer streamlined testing from a single piece prototype test to full-scale high-volume production test and programming needs. Some of our testing solutions include device programming/firmware image flashing, functional test systems, analysis software, and test engineering services.

To design and build a high-performance test system, an engineer must understand what the customer requirements and end-results are, how the measurement signals will be deployed and taken. Testing of electronic assemblies involves three broad categories: the device under test, specialized test equipment, and the fixturing to make the connections between them.

Please contact Calpak to learn more about product test fixturing. Our experience and resources put us in a unique position to anticipate your needs and meet the challenges of complex test criteria and aggressive timetables.