About Us

At Calpak USA we don’t just strive for perfection, we make it a reality for our customers. With over forty (40) years of experience in our engineering design and manufacturing team, there is no project too niche or too big that we cannot tackle. Having served, but not limited to, the aerospace and aviation, automotive, commercial, communications, consumer, defense and military, green and renewable energy, industrial, lighting, medical, and transportation industries, there is no area that does not fall under our expertise.

It has been Calpak USA’s mission to be an integral player in bringing contract manufacturing back to the United States of America. With an ever-growing cost competitiveness of offshore solutions, it has become our duty to become even more cost competitive for both our domestic and non-domestic customers, without any sacrifice to quality and reliability whatsoever. Offshore solutions cannot match our unprecedented level of customer service and quality control. Our continuously expanding list of industry specific certifications proves testament to this. Quality control and cost-effective solutions are and will always remain our top priority. Furthermore, Calpak USA is both a small and minority owned business. Calpak USA, has had its home in Southern California since 1978.

Our Mission:

Our mission at Calpak USA, Inc. is to take a leadership role for a new generation of American manufacturing.

We are making “Going Onshore” our blueprint for the future. We provide entrepreneurs, as well as established companies, a competitive resource to advance concepts or ideas and projects to production under one roof with best in class manufacturing processes that are a step closer to zero-defect manufacturing.

We accomplish this with the use of data acquisition and analytics, quality controls, and superior engineering. Our production process utilizes root-cause analysis – this is a game changer. Simply put, we have an early warning system that highlights potential defects, not only outside of specifications but within specifications, all the while quickly proposing and affecting solutions.

We accept the challenge of educating customers about the “Cost of Poor Quality” (COPQ) in the offshore manufacturing industry and making “Made in America” their solution. This secures jobs for our employees, creates jobs in America, and stimulates our economy. We’re working to make sure the next five years are momentous for onshore engineering and manufacturing.