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Our cable assembling unit is capable of handling both simple and complex cabling jobs. If your project requires customized internal cabling or harnessing then Calpak USA is the perfect company to partner with. We will work with you from prototyping to production on all your cabling needs. Our strict adherence to specifications and quality, in house engineering, and our aggressive pricing are just a few reasons why you should choose us for your next project.Calpak USA can also take care of any mechanical, enclosure, and panel assembly needs for your organization. At Calpak USA you can have a comfortable feeling that all parts and builds are assembled in one process at one location thereby reducing shipping and inventory costs. Since we hold all the parts and production is done at one location, the number of defects and errors in assembly is at a bare minimum to none. All the raw materials are also thoroughly inspected on-site ensuring consistent high quality. Furthermore, we offer testing against project specifications as well.