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We are well-seasoned experts in PCB Design and Layout with a remarkable reputation in, but not limited to: analog, high speed digital, mixed-signal, electro-magnetic, high power and charging, RF, and wireless systems. We design printed circuit boards up to high layer counts (up to 32 layers), of rigid, and flex-rigid printed circuit boards. Whether your project or product entails short lead-time, constraint-driven requirements, routing, or basic I/O, our highly qualified engineers and technical staff have the expertise to deliver extensive designs that are top quality, well-managed, and most importantly, on-time. Our matured engineering methodology ensures efficient, cost effective designs which are done right the first time. We offer multiple stage design reviews, either offline or interactive online. Our stringent quality control system allows for fully documented traceability and leaves absolutely no room for critical design errors.Furthermore, we have extensive experience in creating RoHS compliant designs for new layouts and conversions of existing assemblies. Calpak can offer reverse engineering capabilities for customers with halted or shelved projects, as we can convert an existing board assembly without documentation into a functional assembly. Calpak USA’s designs can be provided using industry standard PCB design software such as:

Cadence – OrCAD & Allegro

Mentor Graphics – PADS

Altium – Altium Designer

PCB Design Services

  • Schematic capture
  • Surface mount or through hole designs
  • Unusual PCB shapes
  • Assembly and fabrication drawings production
  • Board layout from a customer supplied schematic diagram
  • Reverse engineering
  • Controlled impedance (single and differential) designs
  • Specialized layout for RF and wireless designs
  • High Speed Backplane and Mid-plane Designs of Micro BGA / Micro via/ Blind & Buried Vias
  • Multi-layer boards, split ground planes, differential pairs, high speed rules
  • Routing per trace/space, keep-outs, and clearance rules specified by customer
  • Component re-sequencing based on physical layout, and reverse annotation to schematic
  • DFT audit, test point placement, test probe clearance per customer specification, testability reports