How long has Calpak USA been in business?

Calpak has been in business since 1978. For more information about our history, please click here.

Where is calpak located?

Calpak is located in Hawthorne, CA (Southern California). For specifics, please click here.

What certifications and registrations does Calpak USA have?

Please visit our “Certifications & Registrations” page by clicking here.

Design & Engineering


What assembly and manufacturing services do you offer?

Calpak USA offers the following services:

· Prototyping: Our flagship quick-turn prototype PCB assembly service. If you need a few boards built up quickly and need flexibility in providing components, choose this service.

· Short-Run: Our production assembly service is optimized for short runs. Perfect for taking your finished design to market at the right price. If you have completed testing your design and are ready to start building your product in quantity, choose this service.

· Production: Large volume production assembly service is catered for your product’s or project’s needs.

· Location: All of our assembly and manufacturing is done at our Southern California facility.

What are the requirements for assembly services?

The requirements for each of Calpak USA’s assembly services are listed below:

• Bill of Materials (.xls, .xlsx, .csv, or tab-delimited text)

• Assembly Top Drawing

• Assembly Bottom Drawing

• Assembly XY Pick and Place file\

• Gerber File

• PADS or Altium PCB file will be a plus

What are your technical capabilities? What can you assemble?

Calpak USA prides itself on being able to handle almost any job. For a more details click here. Bottom line: When in doubt, give us a call 1-310-937-7335 or email us at manufacturing@calpak-usa.com with your job specs and we’ll see what we can do to help!

Can Calpak USA order my parts and or PCB's for me?

Absolutely! This is part of our “Turn-Key” service.

On turn-key jobs, what does Calpak USA do about part crossing or substitutions?

Calpak USA holds an in-house inventory of common, major electrical components. Therefore we may be able to substitute parts on your bill of material with parts we already have. We can suggest crosses or assist with component selection if necessary, but we require customer approval before proceeding with such changes.

How does Calpak USA order components for turn-key jobs?

We order to your exact bill(s) of materials, plus a little extra just in case. Occasionally, we are faced with minimum required quantities for parts in the component procurement process, where extra components must be purchased. These components are addressed to our customers and approval will be required prior to procurement.

What determines lead time on a turn-key job?

· Procurement lead time is in addition to quoted assembly lead times.

· If we order circuit boards, in most cases this is the longest lead time part, and is determined by customer’s needs.

· All components must be received prior to beginning the assembly portion of the order

Can Calpak USA just components or just my circuit board?

Yes, we can order just what you need us to provide, and you can supply the rest. We refer to this type of job as a partial turn-key.

What do i need to send for a turn-key job?

· Bill of material, complete with details (including manufacturers name, part number, reference designators, component description, quantity) in spreadsheet format.

· Complete gerber files and or PCB file

Can you handle lead-free builds?

Yes, we can handle lead-free PCB Assembly.

How do you handle moisture sensitive components?

Many SMT component packages absorb small amounts of moisture over time. When these components go through the reflow oven, that moisture may evaporate and damage or destroy those components. Sometimes the damage can be seen visually. If we need to bake your components, your job may be delayed by up to 48 hours.

If the component is labeled as being moisture sensitive or is open and unlabeled, we will determine if it needs to be baked or not. On 5 and 10 day turns, this probably will not cause delays. If possible, always send us your components sealed in the packaging that you received them in.

We follow the JDEC J-STD-033B.1 standard for moisture.

What standards and certifications does Calpak USA have?

· Calpak USA is certified AS9100C and ISO:9001

· By default, we inspect to IPC-A-610, Class II (Class III inspection available upon request)

· For RoHS, we adhere to IPC-1066, finish category e1

· JDEC J-STD-033B.1 standard for moisture.

For more details about our certifications and registrations, click here.

How do I need to supply components?

Each bag, tray, etc should be clearly marked with the part number that is listed on your bill of materials.

· Depending on the assembly service you choose, we can work with cut tape of any length, tubes, reels and trays, but prefer tape and reel components with enough reel and plastic cover slack so the tape and reel can be fed into the machine feeders. We assume care will be taken to protect the integrity of the components.

· If components are moisture or static sensitive, please package accordingly in static controlled and/or sealed packaging.

If I am submitting more than one order at the same time, can I kit the components together? How should I kit the components for different jobs?

Each order requires its own kit. Multiple kits can be sent in one package, but please be sure each is clearly marked.

· Parts used on both / multiple jobs should be marked with a sticker or other marking to denote they are shared.

· The biggest concern with mutual parts is making sure to provide 5% extra parts for each separate build.

Do you have a minimum or maximum quantity requirement/restriction?

No. We do not limit the quantity we can quote you on, low or high.

Do you x-ray BGA's?

We X-ray BGAs as a part of our standard quality control process as well as leadless ICs and other parts that have leads which cannot be seen with a microscope.

Do my PCB's need to have silkscreen for assembly?

It is not required, but it is preferred. If you are submitting boards without silkscreen, we will need to have some form of documentation to verify component placement and rotation. Jobs with boards that have no silkscreen will need to be reviewed.

How should I supply special instructions?

Special instructions should be supplied when an order is submitted. Furthermore, if you choose Calpak USA for your job, then you will fully be able to track the progress of your job and collaborate with the Calpak USA team via Calpak USA’s Projects Portal.

I also need PCB layout services? Does Calpak USA offer PCB layout or other engineering services?

Absolutely! With over fifty years of combined experience in the industry, the Calpak USA team can quote you for design, schematic capture, PCB layout, and firmware or application development as well. For a brief summary of the services Calpak USA offers, click here.


How do I find a local Calpak USA sales representative?

Please visit our sales map to view your local sales rep(s).

What services does Calpak USA offer?

1. Electronic design and engineering

2. PCB layout

3. PCB fabrication

4. PCB assembly

5. Wire & cable assembly

6. Mechanical assembly & box builds

7. Materials procurement

8. Prototyping and volume production

9. Software services including firmware and application development

Also, for a brief summary of our services, please click here.

Does Calpak USA offer terms?

Yes, Calpak offers net terms accounts on approved credit only. Please ask a sales associate for more details.

What turn-around times does Calpak USA have for projects?