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Calpak USA is dedicated to contributing to a healthy and sustainable future for our planet. We are following through on this by our commitment to the 3 “R’s”

  • Reduce: consumption, waste and pollution
  • Reuse: what we have
  • Recycle: everything we can

As an onshore manufacturer we take the responsibility of doing whatever is possible to ensure that we maintain a low carbon foot-print and taking the necessary steps to offset whatever carbon foot-print that remains.

Conservation of energy, water, and other natural resources is absolutely vital for the betterment of Earth. Therefore, we take any opportunity we can get to educate our employees, customers, businesses, families, and friends on how and what they can do to help the environment. Furthermore, we strive to buy, sell, and use environmentally friendly products, as well as sourcing materials from companies and organizations that share the same environmental ideologies that we do.

For more information on how you can help the environment, please have a look at this list of non-profit organizations that are doing their best to create a greener future for our Earth: