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Calpak USA continually supports both educators and students. We understand how imperative a hands-on approach is when it comes to our field of expertise: design, engineering, and manufacturing. We offer various programs that offer hands-on experience and knowledge to students, through numerous educational institutions.

As a key player of this industry in the Southern California region, we know how influential it is to provide students with the proper training and experience to better prepare them for the real world. Calpak holds the burden of responsibility, making sure that the next generation of engineers make their way into the workplace fully ready.

Opportunities for educators and students:

  • Offering students involved with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics) academic and career advice
  • Design, engineering, and manufacturing workshops and seminars
  • Partnering with students on their STEM related projects
  • Work experience via internships
  • STEM related competitions hosted by Calpak USA
  • Grants & Scholarships

For more information, please contact Calpak USA at