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Here at Calpak, our work is exceptionally important to us and we take it seriously. Our work is just as important as our company culture.

Calpak started out as a family business. At our company meetings, our executives take some time to discuss the culture of Calpak; who we are and how we work. In keeping with tradition, a message to prospective and current Calpak employees and affiliates:

Our Values:

  • Throughout the years, we have earned the trust of our employees, customers, and our community because of our commitment to high standards in everything we do. Integrity, honesty, trust, respect, hard work, and teamwork – these define not only the operating principles and ethics of Calpak, but also the spirit of our how we function.
  • We skip the rosy views. At Calpak, we are realists. We do not brush problems to the side and we are expected to talk about and work through issues.
  • We are problem-solvers. We are not satisfied with the status quo.
  • Growth and sales drives our decisions. We encourage everyone to contribute their opinions so everyone benefits. Ultimately, reaching company goals is a win for everybody.
  • We have minimal hierarchy. We try to keep our organization relatively flat, with managers who work, not just manage.
  • We are distinctly transparent. There are very few questions we won’t answer.

What defines Calpak:

  • We like our employees to be superstars – the 10x’ers. Intelligent, innovative, creative, passionate, and determined individuals are likely to fit the bill..
  • We are constantly changing. Change is opportunity, and because we love to grow, we do better with change. Adaptation is vital to surviving and thriving in an immensely dynamic industry.
  • We think about scale. As we make decisions, we think about how these decisions could help us grow into the company we want to become and how we can further our customers’ success.